Frequently Asked Questions

What does the drafting process involve?

When we have thoroughly discussed and agreed upon the scope and timetable of your particular project, the drafting process can begin. Your project will be drafted either in-house or, if required, it may be outsourced to detail all steel elements into a 3D model. The 3D model will accurately represent your project. In the case of refurbishments, surveying may be requested in order to ascertain the constructed measurements.

What does the RFI process involve?

If there are any abnormalities or ambiguities in the project, such as missing information and/or discrepancies between the architectural and structural drawings, we will take time to question and assess them. Certain alternatives may be sought if it is deemed necessary for the success of the project.

What does the sign-off process involve?

All drawings will be submitted for approval. These drawings will form the blueprint for both the fabrication and erection of your project. Only once approval has been granted will your project be installed. Your project will be installed exactly according to the drawings at a pre-determined date. An experienced team (either outsourced or internal, depending on the resources required) will erect your project in a methodical and safe manner.

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